SikhNet’s KAUR Goes Live Online

March 2, 2015

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SikhNet’s KAUR Goes Live Online – March 3rd

In less than 24 hours, SikhNet’s original short animation, KAUR will launch free online at The official launch of KAUR is scheduled for 7 am March 3, 2015 Mountain Standard Time, which is 7:30 pm March 3, 2015 in Amritsar, India. #makeithappen. #kaurpower.

KAUR is the world’s first animation focusing on the 18th century legendary Sikh warrior heroine, Mai Bhago. SikhNet has chosen to launch KAUR in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8) to inspire young Sikh women about their heritage. The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, taught the spiritual and social empowerment of women centuries before the modern women’s rights movement began.

SikhNet also hopes to help build the visibility of Mai Bhago in the mind of the general public. Mai Bhago’s story can serve as an inspiration for all women, everywhere, no matter what their background or culture.

In addition to being available free online, Sikh Channel will broadcast KAUR on their television stations in the United Kingdom, Europe and Toronto, Canada. KAUR will air at 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time in the United Kingdom/6 pm Central European Time. It will also air at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time out of Toronto, Canada.

Chardikala Time TV in India is in discussion with SikhNet about dubbing KAUR into Punjabi, and airing the animation at a later date.

Because of an outpouring of support from around the world for the film, volunteers have translated the script into multiple languages. When KAUR launches, subtitles will be available in Punjabi, Hindi, Chinese, Finnish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and closed captions for English.

People can also order the DVD of KAUR to watch on their own television at:

The much-anticipated animation will tell the story of a young Sikh girl, Saibhang Kaur, who loves science but feels the social pressure that “girls don’t belong in science club.” When Saibhang’s grandmother tells her the true story of the 18th century Sikh warrior princess Mai Bhago, Saibhang discovers her courage.

On Feb. 25th, SikhNet hosted a special premier of KAUR in Espanola, New Mexico, USA – where the SikhNet headquarters are located. This short videos shows some of the initial responses to the film.

KAUR was funded to a large extent by an anonymous donor who made a contribution to SikhNet after reading a blog post written by SikhNet’s CTO and Founder, Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa, about his daughter.

The 22 minute animation is the result of an international team, including Gurujot Singh Khalsa (USA) Producer. Hari Mitar Singh Khalsa (USA) Co-Producer, Saibhang Story Animator and Audio Design. Pankaj Bhambri (Amritsar, India) Mai Bhago Story Art and Animation.
Harijot Singh Khalsa (USA) Voice Direction, and Writing Team. Ellecer Pagaduan (USA) Saibhang Story Artist. With a range of wonderful voice actors including Malaya Peixinho as Saibhang Kaur, Ravi Kaur Khalsa as Mai Bhago and Shabad Simran Kaur Adeniji as Grandmother. has helped connect the world-wide Sikh community through the Internet since 1995. We are a platform for people to easily connect with the heart and wisdom of the Sikh faith, and with each other.

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